Longshot (metric) - Long Range Shooting Simulator and Mildot Scope Ranging Trainer

Longshot (metric) - Long Range Shooting Simulator and Mildot Scope Ranging Trainer

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Hit long range shots with realistic ballistics and varying conditions. This simulator is not a game. This app helps rifle shooters understand and practice the use of the mil-dot scope, and visualize how different conditions such as wind, temperature, and ballistic coefficients affect bullet performance. It also illustrates some of the challenges faced by long range shooters. This is a very accessible app that provides practice at home or on the go for shooters of all skill levels. Two scopes are available at this time. A first focal plane, and a second focal plane. The first's reticle scales to each magnification setting; the second scales to the maximum zoom, like the real thing. This is the metric version. For the inch/imperial version, please check my other apps. Features: ? Fully functional mil-dot scope. Practice ranging and adjusting for windage, elevation, and holdovers. More reticles coming. ? Realistic ballistics. The app's engine includes a real 3DOF calculator for authenticity and accessibility. You can also use your favorite ballistic calculator like JBM or tools like Mildot Master. ? Use your own ammo. Use data from your favorite ammunition or custom loads from .22LR to .50 BMG. ? Set your own conditions. Use it as a ballistic diorama and try shooting at different temperatures, wind conditions, altitudes, and more. You can see how these conditions affect your shot and create challenges. Range goes up to 1200 meters. ? Use your own target pictures or download them off the internet. Load them from your camera roll. ? Randomizer. Try your skills at randomly generated conditions. How many hits with your first shot can you get in a row? ? Assists. They will help you calculate and remember the ranging formulas, in case you don't have a calculator or pen/paper handy. More features and scopes coming soon. There are many great resources on the internet that explain how to use mil dot scopes. You can practice them here without using live ammo. Try using the randomize function to get more varied practice, or play around with different settings to see how they affect shooting.



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